Deep Grey

Teaching robots to grab anything.

Machine vision systems are getting really good.

The market is saturated with offerings promising easy setup, reliability and affordability. Computers can see like never before. Now what?

Robots need to interact with the physical world.

They need to grab and manipulate the objects they see. Grabbing comes naturally to humans, but robots still have to be told how, requiring hardcoding and large data sets to train with.

deepgrey is robotics control software that teaches robots to grasp any object

Users no longer have to train bespoke models or build custom programs to pick up different objects. Our software is trained on thousands different objects, with the ability to generalise to any new object it encounters.

With, your robots intuitively pick up objects they've never seen before.

Sort products at the press of a button.

Picking and sorting tasks in logistics, manufacturing and e-commerce become easy.

Power the next generation of household robots.

With the ability to recognise and grab thousands of different objects, can help you interact with complex indoor environments.

Meet The Team

We're a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists working to build robust, beautiful and easy to use software for next-generation robotics. Our team has worked at places like nuTonomy, Fujitsu, Hope Technik, PBA and MIT. Come say hi!

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